4 Awesome Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

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Spring is right round the corner and you know what that means… It’s time for some spring cleaning. You don’t really need for spring to come around to start spring cleaning. A tidy home is beneficial, mentally and physically. We’re pretty sure the actual act of cleaning can count as cardio too. Spring cleaning usually requires deep cleaning your home from top to bottom so it is quite a big task. However, if you plan it properly, it isn’t an impossible task and you can easily make short work of spring cleaning your home.


On the other hand, spring cleaning your home can also impact the quality of your indoor environment. For many, this factor is something that they do not pay attention to. They’re just looking to clean their home and relax after a tiring day. However, the way you spring clean your home should be taken into account.

While there are plenty of tips on what to do to clean your home, the following are four awesome, organic tips for spring cleaning your home and improving the indoor air quality at the same time too.

1. Go Organic with Cleaners

The kind of cleaning solution you use in your home can make a huge difference in more ways than one. People usually opt for heavy cleaners that can give them spotless floors and windows as quickly as possible. However, commercial cleaners are made with extremely toxic chemicals that release harmful fumes. There is a reason why many cleaners are required to be used in open, well ventilated areas.

Similarly, mixing two chemical cleaners together can create a toxic concoction and people have suffered from chemical burns just from the inhalation of the fumes. In many cases, people have had to go to the hospital to be monitored after coming into contact with these toxic cleaners. Additionally, after using these cleaners, one is generally advised to avoid being in the room until it has been ventilated properly. For pets, children and senior citizens, it can be extremely harmful as their respiratory systems are weaker and smaller.

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To save yourself from grief and to ensure that you aren’t unintentionally poisoning yourself and your loved ones, it is a good idea to opt for organic cleaners. These are made from all natural ingredients that you can even find in your kitchen such as baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice and more. While you don’t have to whip up your own as you can find plenty of organic cleaners in the marketplace that deliver on the results while allowing you to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

2. Time to De-Clutter

When you’re spring cleaning, you need to de-clutter your home properly. This allows you to create a sense of space, especially if you have a small area. It also ensures that you are able to mentally clean out your thoughts as well. A cluttered place is reflective of a cluttered mind. It is a good idea to go into each room and systematically remove clutter to make the place more spacious.

Another way that you can de-clutter is by using a box to further simplify the items you are removing. Use three boxes for Storage, Discard and Donate on them. By adding the items into these boxes, it ensures that you are able to handle it promptly. Many people often go about it in an unorganised manner which means that they not only make a clutter pile, they just leave the clutter pile as is. This ends up creating a bigger mess since they now have a clutter pile that they need to deal with.

De-cluttering your home every now and then works in grounding you as well as preventing you from hoarding. Hoarders tend to keep everything, even old newspapers and magazines as well as boxes. If these are stored in proper conditions, there really is no problem but if they are improperly kept, you can end up collecting dust, mould and more in your home.

3. Don’t Forget the Pets!

Another thing that people forget is that they need to spring clean the pet’s area of the house as well. Pets are also notorious for causing a lot of hair fall around the home. In fact, it is quite common to find pet fur coating the sofas, carpets and even your clothes. Take the time to not only remove the hair using a lint roller or a plastic glove that will catch the hair with ease but to also brush your pets every day to minimise their shedding.

Cleaning out the pet’s area is necessary to prevent odours from occurring. If you keep your pet specifically indoors, this is necessary because pets can have their own distinct smell around the house. In many cases, if your pet catches fleas, the first place you can find them in is their pet beds so regular vacuuming and cleaning is needed. Another option that you can make use of is to get breeds that shed less hair. For example: Most cats do shed hair but a Persian cat sheds more than a Siamese cat would.

Spring cleaning other areas that your pet frequents is also necessary. While the major problem with pets indoors is the odour and the excessive hair they bring in, for some people, this can trigger allergies and cause hay fever. People who are allergic to animals will also be more likely to experience it in a room that has pet fur, even if the pet is nowhere near.

4. Focusing on the HVAC System

When spring cleaning your home it is a good idea to never skip cleaning or maintaining the HVAC system. Working all year round, the HVAC system’s vents can easily collect dust, dirt, grime and excessive moisture. The HVAC system actually plays a huge role in the quality of your indoor air and environment and it is in bad condition, you can have some serious problems.

For starters, a poorly functioning HVAC system is not going to be energy efficient as it will need to run for longer to be able to cool or heat a room properly. Similarly, using a dirty HVAC system will introduce more dust and grime into your environment. In many cases, poor indoor air quality can also be linked with other ailments such as skin irritations, allergies, respiratory problems and more.

If you find yourself coughing, having watery eyes or itchiness in skin, while you’re sitting indoors, you should definitely consider checking the HVAC system. While most people usually do spring clean the HVAC system themselves, if you do not know how to do it, you can also contact the professionals and let them handle it for you. With the help of their services, you can ensure that your HVAC system stays clean and you are able to have a healthy environment and improved air quality indoors.

Bonus Tip: Keep an Eye on the Indoor Air Environment

When you’re spring cleaning, it is a good idea to know what the indoor air quality is so that you can begin to improve it. If you’re not aware of this factor, you won’t know whether you are making any progress. You can also contact professionals to check the indoor air quality.

With their help, you can easily implement a plan that will focus on improving the indoor air quality. The benefits it provides to you and other members of your family can go a long way in improving the overall quality of your life as well. For this reason, you need to ensure that you know what needs to be improved. Often times, they can also help you to identify various problems that might have gone undetected.

A home can have different pollutants, apart from dust, that a person can come into contact with. Unless you run an indoor air quality test, it can be difficult to identify these. Pollutants such as radon gas, asbestos fibres and mould can easily be in your home and slowly poison your indoor air environment. By getting a test done, you can ensure that the quality of air in your home is in good condition.

We Can Help You

It is always a good idea to work with professionals to ensure that you are able to get the best for your home. A good professional can test the indoor air quality and also ensure that you deploy the right methods to fix any problems.

If you are searching for a good professional to improve indoor air quality or to want to get the quality of your indoor air tested for the presence of pollutants including asbestos, radon gas, mold and more, get in touch with Air Restoration.

Specialising in fighting mould, testing the indoor air quality and also running health inspections for the presence of asbestos, Air Restoration’s experts can ensure that your home is safe and free of any asbestos exposure. To get an inspection or for more information about their services, send an email to info@airrestorationexperts.com or call on 229-898-3488

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