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Air Pollution and Its Impact on Indoor Air Quality

With each passing day, tons of pollutants are released into the air. This not only increases the amount of current air pollution, it also means that you’re more likely to face the consequences of breathing this air. With more people suffering from respiratory problems, it does make one wonder why no one is paying attention to the severe consequences that air pollution is presenting.

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3 Reasons Why Your Child Could Always Be Sick At Home

Every parent has been through the worry of having children fall sick from time to time. With developing immune systems, it is only natural for a child to take a bit longer to recover from fever or flu but if your child appears to be constantly falling ill, again and again, then there can be a serious problem at hand.

Many parents will tote their children off to the doctor and medicate them but it is best to find the proper cure. In many cases it could be the indoor environment of your home which is triggering the health issues. It is surprising to note that many children are exposed to toxins in their own homes which contribute to their deteriorating health.

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