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What To Do When You Smell Mold in the House?

One of the oddest parts about getting mold in your house is the smell. It is an odd, musty, smell that immediately makes you think of mold and rotting wood or moisture in the wallpaper. The interesting part is that it is hard to mistake it for anything else. Mold does have a distinct smell and based on where it is located, this smell can significantly spread throughout the house.

We don’t give enough credit to our sense of smell. While our noses are definitely not as useful as those of dogs, our sense of smell can play a huge role. From nice scents to bad ones, your nose can give you a lot of messages. For example: When food has gone bad, you can smell it and find out for sure. Rotting food has a smell that is difficult to mistake and similarly, mold has a certain stench that is difficult to mistake for anything else.

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