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4 Awesome Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

spring cleaning kitchener air quality air test

Spring is right round the corner and you know what that means… It’s time for some spring cleaning. You don’t really need for spring to come around to start spring cleaning. A tidy home is beneficial, mentally and physically. We’re pretty sure the actual act of cleaning can count as cardio too. Spring cleaning usually requires deep cleaning your home from top to bottom so it is quite a big task. However, if you plan it properly, it isn’t an impossible task and you can easily make short work of spring cleaning your home.

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Protecting Your Health: What Is Asbestos and How You Can Fight It

The world outside is pretty scary. It appears that anytime you set foot outside, something bad happens. Just look at the news stories nowadays. Luckily, nothing can happen to you when you’re safe inside your home right? Right, guys?

Actually, the truth might astound you. Your home could actually be exposing you to foreign particles that can negatively impact your health, in many cases, resulting in death or serious illness such as cancer. The culprit that we’re talking about here is a material that goes by the name of asbestos.

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